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Anna Maria Niewiadomska

I have over 10 years of experience in basic science research. My track record includes experience Dr. Eckard Wimmer (Stony Brook University), in whose lab the first biochemical synthesis of a virus took place. I then moved to the lab of Dr. Richard O. Hynes (Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT) where I learned a variety of cell biology techniques while researching metastasis and cell adhesion. My PhD studies were completed in the lab of Dr. Xiao-Fang Yu (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), where research was focused on retroviral accessory proteins, and cellular restriction factors of retroviruses. I showed that in addition to inhibiting HIV, the anti-retroviral APOBEC3 proteins were capable of inhibiting endogenous retroelement replication, and studied the mechanisms by which they restricted human LINE-1 elements. I continued this work as a post-doc in the lab of Dr. Jef Boeke (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), where biochemical synthesis of the first eukaryotic cell genome is currently ongoing. Since then I have been working as a post-doc with Dr. Robert Gifford, performing field and laboratory research, and linking this research to the bioinformatic actives in the lab.


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Niewiadomska AM, Tian C, Tan L, Wang T, Sarkis PT, Yu XF. (2007) Differential inhibition of long interspersed element 1 by APOBEC3 does not correlate with high-molecular-mass-complex formation or P-body association. J. Virol. 81(17):9577-83. [view]